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Article | Toward a socially acceptable gentrification : A review of strategies and practices against displacement

 Geography Compass | Volume 12, numéro 2, pp: 1-15 | 2018 

Geography Compass cover

Ghaffari, L., Klein, Juan-Luis (professeur, Géographie, UQAM) et W. Angulo


This article offers a systematic review of available studies on gentrification and displacement with the primary goal of identifying the few (relative to the number of publications) solutions or strategies being suggested for mitigating displacement. We categorize these strategies into 3 types: tenants' protection, controlling ownership and development, and community empowerment. Each strategy is accompanied by various tools which may differ from one context to another. Finally, proposing that displacement can be controlled, the article concludes that counteracting the negative effects of gentrification requires more than just reducing displacement. In other words, we believe that there are several issues beyond physical displacement to be considered in order to make gentrification socially acceptable.

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